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Park Review #523

Snort Index Rating: 3.5 SNORTS!!

22280 Komoka Road, 
Delaware, Ontario, Canada


  • PAY TO PLAY, guys!! ($$$)
  • Parking rodeo for rollycars!!
  •  Gigantical!!
  • Totally a differenter park than the OTHER Komoka Provincial Park!
  • Marshyparts plus woodsyparts!! 
  • Long, skinny wildertrail!!


Hidey-ho, friendlyfriends!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

It is soopernice to see your faceparts here at my shinynew park review!! Yup!! This times, me plus Mirabelle had a real good looksee at a real soopersneaky park!! Yes!! Truestory!!
See... I went by right on this park a whole bunchatimes!! Yup!! It is not marked so good 'cuz they totally rebuilded the parking rodeo, guys!! They moved it littlebits, butt left the oldentimer wordysign where it USED to be, so now you can't even really see it when you go by!! PLUS... this here park is not marked on any picturemap I could find!! Nope!!
It is supposed to be the same park as the OTHER Komoka Provincial Park, butt THAT park is on the other side of MisterRiver, plus it is totally differenter!! Weird, amirite!!?? So that is how come I am doing a whole 'nother review!! 'Cuz they are not even close to being the same, park, guys!! NOT EVEN!! 

Okeedoke!! So firstofalls, 'cuz this park is a PROVINCIAL park, the most 'portant thing you gotta 'member is that this park is what they call a PAY TO PLAY park. Yes. It is a bummer, butt you have to pay dollarpennies to get in. Seriousface. When me plus Mirabelle plus Pop went we got the most cheapest ticket for only TOO (2) hourtimes, plus that took ($5.25)!! IKNOW!! 

Anyhoozle, there is "NO PARKING" wordysigns allover everywheres, plus if you use the 'fficiall shinynew parking rodeo, butt do not have a little paper ticket-thingy on your rollycar, you will get into bigtimes trouble!! Truestory!! So..... paying to see the NatureMama is not great for allatimes, butt this park is sorta neato, so it is AOK for special daytimes, like maybe on the weekendtimes or somethings. Maybe. Just sayin'. 

Basically this park is pretty much (3) parts, guys. Yes: 

  1. Some swampy, marshyparts!!
  2. A long wildertrail that goes right down the middleparts!!
  3. Some wilderwild with skinny wildertrails!! 

We checked out the marshyparts 'cuz they started pretty much where the oldentimer way in plus the wordysign is!! Yup!! Butt truestory, there is not much goings on there!! There was lotsa floatybirds hanging 'round, plus lots'nlots of soopertall grassystuffs that was neato to see, butt... not so much for puppies!! 

Mostly we walked the whole entire wildertrail that goes right through the middleparts to the other side of this pretty gigantical park!! It is up onna ridge sorta, so from there you can see everythings soopergood!! On one side was the puddleponds plus marshystuff, plus on the other side was a valley all full-up with leafytrees and stuff!! It was pretty neato for reals!! 

This wildertrail is not a loop, guys!! It is just one long wildertrail that stops at the other end with a wordysign that says "PRIVATE PROPERTY" and stuff!! So when you get there, you have to turn 'round to come back!! That is not my most favouritist kind of wildertrail, butt 'cuz this park was shinynew plus real differenter, that was AOK with me!! 

The bestest part for me is that not so many peoples come to here!! Nope!! Not since they put in the PAY TO PLAY moneyrobot in the shinynew parking rodeo!! Plus 'specially 'cuz it is not marked too good or even on any picturemaps!! So when we went, there was NOBUDDY else here in the whole entire place!! That was pretty cool!! Basically what I am saying is that this park is pretty for your lookingmarbles, plus waymoredifferenter than most, so it is worth going to see 'least onetimes!! Yup!! It takes 'bout an hourtimes to walk allaways to the other side plus back a 'gain, so it is pretty good for exploradventuring too!! 

Shanksh, park!! I do not get why you are trying so hard to hide and stuff, butt maybe more peoples will come see you now!! Sure hope so!!  

See you nextimes, everybuddy!!