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Park Review #524

Snort Index Rating: 4.5 SNORTS!!

8348 Longwoods Road Road, 
Mount Brydges, Ontario, Canada


  • "PAY TO PLAY" (costs dollarpennies to get in, everybuddy!!) 
  • Camping grounds!!
  • Heritage Log Cabin Settlement!! 
  • Self-guiding Wildertrails!!
  • Resource Centre!! Gifty Shop!!
  • Sha-Nah-Doht Replica Native Village!! 

Hey, guys!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

Shanksh for reading and stuff!! I am sooper'cited to share this park review with you 'cuz know why!!?? 'Cuz this park s'prized me for reals!! Yup!! Mirabelle too!! 

See, this park has a whole buncha parts that are all soopercool for exploradventuring and stuff!! Yes!! Plus wanna know somethings sooperweird!!?? The daytimes we went... THERE WAS NOBUDDY THERE!! Nope!! Not even one other person or puppypal in the whole entire place!! Seriousface!! So that was sooperfun 'cuz we took sooperlongtimes to have a real good looksee at pretty much EVERYTHINGS!! Seriousface!! 

Firstofalls, this park is "PAY TO PLAY", guys!! Yes!! So's you have to give dollarpennies to the skinny robot at the front gates and stuff!! Yup!! So that is what we did!! Then our rollycar SkyrollerBloo took us wayfar inside to a gigantical parking rodeo!! Yup!! That is where we got to see the museumhouse, the resource centre, PLUS...... we got to do lots'nlots of exploradventuring 'round the campingtimes grounds!! You will see: 

So that was pretty cool, amirite, guys!!?? 'Yup!! Plus nextest place we found was even waymorecooler, 'cuz we founded a whole buncha sooperoldentimer LOG CABINS, guys!! Yes!! Peoplehouses from wayfarback in oldendaystimes!! Check them out too: 

No so shabby, amirite!?? Pretty much!! 

Butt nextest is when it got AMAYZAZING, guys!! We did not know this park so good, plus we were thinkingthoughts maybe we had seen the whole entire place, butt know what!!?? NOT EVEN!! We got back into SkyrollerBloo, plus started to go out real nice, plus slow and everythings when ALLASUDDEN!!...... I saw with my very own lookingmarbles a 'nother wildertrail!! Then I checked it out on the picturemap we got back at the museumhouse, plus know what!!?? The picturemap said there was a whole entire nativepeoples village back there, so we found a 'nother place to park SkyrollerBloo, plus got out to go see!!

IT. WAS. 'MAZING, guys!! Yes!! We founded the villageplace called SKA-NAH-DOHT!! That That means "A VILLAGE STANDS AGAIN" in nativepeoples ONEIDAtalk!! IKNOW!! It is a perfectal REPLICA of a for reals nativepeoples village!! Yes!! Plus I say we are luckyducklings 'cuz we got to go see it with our very own lookingmarbles!! Check it out in THIS gallery, guys: 

So basically we had the bestest times!!

Plus the morethers I read wordybits 'bout this place, the morethers I find out that soopercool stuffs happens here allatimes!! We went OFF SEASON in the late fallingdowntimes, so that is how come there was nobuddy home, butt if you go when it is 'fficially open for the seasontimes, you could even see HISTORICAL REENACTMENTS and stuff here!! There is juniorpeoples from learningschools coming here lots'nlots for CONSERVATION BRAINLEARNING, plus NATIVE STUDIES BRAINLEARNING too!! Yup!! 

I know this place is not really for puppies, butt truestory for reals I had the bestest times, guys!! Plus 'cuz of how 'portant this place is for brainlearnings 'bout The NatureMama plus the native peoples too, I gave it a pretty high sort index rating!! Yup!! 'Cuz of awesomeness!!

Shanksh, park!! You are a 'mazazing!! I will for reals come visit you a 'gain, K? K!! 

See you nextimes, everybuddy!! 



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MONDAY MORNINGTIMES (photos and links)