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Park Review #397

Snort Index Rating: 1.0 SNORTS!!


1715 Marconi Boulevard, 
, Ontario, Canada


  • Leafytrees!!
  • Shrubadubbs!!
  • Wilderwild-type stuff!! 
  • Butt no walkingroads!! 
  • You cant even get in!! 
  • Park-like chunk nextdoors!!

Guys... when I firstly heard 'bout this park I got sorta 'cited, you know!!?? TALLTREE PARK sounds soopercool!! I wanted to see just how sooperdooper crazybananas tall these leafytrees were and stuff!! Sure did!! Butt.... not so much. Nope. 

Truestory for reals this park has leafytrees. Yes. Plus some of them are pretty tall, even. Butt... this is just a chunk of wilderwild in the middle of my city where I live!! I am not even joshing!! There is no walkingroads or trails or anythings!! Just shrubadubbs plus lotsa leafytrees so sooperthick you can't even walk in there!! It's crazybananas!! Prolly the squirrellypeoples luvluvlove it, butt basically it is not so hot for peoples or puppies. Not even littlebits!! 

Butt I did find a chunk of place right nextdoors that sorta looks like a park!! It had a nice walkingroad and stuff too!! It was not real big or anythings, prolly just like one block or such, butt I could tell lotsa peoples walk through there plus walk their puppies through there for doing chores and stuff. Yes. Butt it is NOT the park, guys!! Nope!! It is just leftover place that goes behind a buncha peoplehouses. So... 

Zero snorts for a park you cannot even go in, butt...
one snort for the place nextdoor that everybuddy uses like a park anyways!!
See you latertimes, park!! You are lucky you have a nice neighbour!!