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Park Review #393

Snort Index Rating: 4.5 SNORTS!!


3995 Line 9, RR #2
St. Marys, Ontario N4X 1C5


  • PROVINCIAL park!! 
  • Sooperbig!!
  • Sandybeach!! 
  • Tons of walkingroads!!  
  • Campingtimes Places!! 
  • Borrow a floatyboat!!
  • Go OFF SEASON for fun!! 

Guys... I just want to say littlebits 'bout my POp's gigantical brainmelon. It is weird looking how big my Pop's brainmelon is guys, almostly like the ones peoples wear for the MARDI GRAS partytimes, butt truestory for reals it has lots'nlots of soopergood thinkingthoughts innit 'cuz Pop is the one who 'cided to visit alla the PROVINCIAL PARKS after everybuddy else went home!! Yup!! It is called OFF SEASON, plus it is AWESOMETIMES!! 

Firstofalls, you do not have to give any dollarpennies to get in!! Nope!! That is cool, plus nextofalls, I can't even 'splain how soopercool it is to have a whole, entire gigantical park all to your lonesome!! You would not even bleeve it, guys!! So fun!! If you want, you can even run allover everywheres in your birthdaysuit 'cuz nobuddy will even be there to see your undercarriage!! 

OK!! Back to the review part!! WILDWOOD CONSERVATION AREA is a sooperbig park 'bout one hourtimes a 'way from my London, Ontarioparts, butt it was totally worth the drivingtimes, guys!! It is soopercool, plus there was big piles of stuff to see plus do plus there are smells allover everywheres!! Was 'MAZING!! It is sitting right next to WILDWOOD LAKE just outside the St. Marysparts of the Ontarioplace!! Yup!! It is a for reals CAMPETERIA with big piles of places to do campingtimes, plus a sandybeach for floating in Wildwood Lake, plus there is a puddlepool, plus jillions of soopercool walkingroads for exploradventuring, plus if you go when it is cozywarm you can even borrow (rent) a teensy floatyboat to float in!! How cool is that!!??

Me plus Mirabelle found a buncha neato monkeyclimbers for juniorpeoples to play on, plus we did exploradventuring from the sandybeach through lotsa wilderwild to the campingplace, then we found the puddlepool, a buncha sticky bridges over a burblecreek, sooperbig wideopen grassyfields, places for outsideplace cookery, plus lots'nlots more!! Was sooperfun!!

Basically this was 'mazing!! BUTT... there are places puppies are not supposed to go, like the sandybeach, so we stayed a 'way just to be polite, guys. Keep that in your brainmelon, 'cuz puppies cannot hang out at this sandybeach. Butt mostly it was sooper'mazing, so I would say if you want to hang out someplace for a whole entire daytimes plus neverever get bored, go to here!! PLUS... if you like to do exploradventuring all by your lonesome, go OFF SEASON!! 

Shanksh, park!! You are SOOPERCOOL FOR REALS!! πŸ˜„ πŸ’œ πŸ˜„ πŸ’œ πŸ˜„ πŸ’œ