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TINY JARMAIN (???? - 2016)

Hi guys. 

Shanksh for coming and stuff. It means sooperlots you are here to do memorings with me 'cuz
RainbowValley Memorings are not my favoritist. Nope. Butt they are sooper'portant. That is for reals.  

They are sooper'portant for helping Mums plus Pops who are saying bye-byes to their bestest puppypals. Someofthetimes they are together for sooperlongtimes. Sometimes just littlewhiles. Butt it is allatimes real ouchie to say bye-byes when your bestest friendlypal goes over RainbowBridge. Yes. 

This times I am hoping you can give helpings to my AuntieIndia, 'cuz she is saying bye-byes to her teensy friendlypal, TINY: a pretty little Yorkiegirl she rescued just 'couple yeartimes a 'go. .......

Tiny the Yorkiegirl

Tiny the Yorkiegirl

Me. Hi guys. I am happy you are here with us. 

Me. Hi guys. I am happy you are here with us. 

We luvluvlove our AuntieIndia, you guys. Sure do. 'Cuz she is soopernice, plus sooperpretty, plus she has lotsa lovings in her heart. Alsotimes, she luvluvloves puppies. So one day, she 'cided she had too much lovings plus she needed to share some. Yup!! She 'cided to 'dopt a puppypal to fill with big piles of HappyHeartHugs! Truestory for reals!!  

AuntieIndia zoomered over to the Humane Society to find a puppy perfectal for her. She picked just the 'zacky right daytimes too, 'cuz know why!!?? 'Cuz when she went inside, she found... TINY!! A cute, shivery, teensy little Yorkiegirl who needed a shinynew foreverhome real bad.
See, Tiny had it soopertough for sooperlongtimes, you guys. Real bad peoples kept her inna cage for maybe SEVEN yeartimes to do nothing butt make puppies. Yes. We don't even know for sure how long. Tiny did not like to talk 'bout that, butt that was AOK, 'cuz my AuntieIndia did not need to know. AuntieIndia just looked into Tiny's 'fraidy lookingmarbles, then said...

"would you like to come home with me, pretty girl?" 

Then Tiny said........... "Yes please" in a teensy tiny voice, 'cuz she was still real 'fraidy.............

Next chapter was awesometimes, you guys!! Tiny got a shinynew foreverhome that was real swanky, with lotsa cozybeds, plus snuggleblankets, plus the bestest yummysummies in all of everywheres!! AuntieIndia gave Tiny the bestest of everythings to help her feel safe plus loved plus.... HAPPY for the firstest times in evertimes!! Most 'portantal...... she luvluvloved her new MUM. More than anythings. They were together mostly allatimes guys, plus if AuntieIndia was not home, Tiny waited for her like she was waiting for her Happy to come back too. 

That is when I got to meet her, you guys!! Yup!! Me plus Mirabelle too!! I luvluvloved her 'mediately for reals 'cuz she was so soopercute, plus Mirabelle did too!! 'Course....... truestory for reals, Tiny did not like it when Mirabelle got so 'cited to try and bop her faceparts!! Ha ha!! 

Anyhoozle, we did walkingtimes together, plus even some exploradventuring too!! For sooperlongtimes, Tiny had only seen the insideparts of a teeny cage, butt now she was traveltripping everywheres, shopping, meeting peoples 'round her neighborhoodplace, hanging out with her MumMum plus PopPop plus basically having the bestest times in evertimes!! For TOO whole entire yeartimes everything was 'mazing, Tiny lived like a princess. 'Cuz she was one....

Butt..... alla the soopertough times Tiny went through afore she moved in with AuntieIndia made for prollems, guys. Yes. So even with alla the carings, plus sooperfun, plus HappyHeartHug lovings, Tiny started to get real sickybicky. Yes. 

It got real tough a 'gain, butt for differenter reasons. Her teensy tiny bodyparts were all tuckered out. She was not her happy self anymores, and 'ventually her smiley faceparts all went away. It got too hard, guys. She was not having any HappyFunTimes anymores. It was the most hardest thing for AuntieIndia to do, butt she looked right into Tiny's pretty lookingmarbles, then said....

"is it time for you to go, pretty girl?" 

Then Tiny said........... "yes please" in a teensy tiny voice 'cuz she was real 'fraidy.. 

Nightynightimes, Tiny. You are a good girl. 
You do not have to be 'fraidy anymores. Not ever or even everever.
We luvluvlove you, plus we will forever plus everever. See you in the dreamingplace pretty girl.
H 💜 H 💜 H 💜

This picturestory was made one daytimes afore Tiny went over the bridge. 💗