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Park Review #423

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!


25 West Mill Street,
, Ontario, Canada


  • This park is pretty shinynew, guys!!
  • It is right near some sooperbusy shoppingstores and stuff!! 
  • It totally used to be a rollycar zoomersjuice station!! Yup!! Butt now it is a park!!  
  • Lotsa places for reasting buttparts
  • Plus full-up with 'mazing sculpturestatues!! 

Hello, friendlypals!! 

It is me!! Archie Brindleton, your handsome PARKMASTER GENERAL friendlyfriend with a shinynewl park review!! Yup!! This park is not even in my London, Ontarioplace, guys!! Nope!! It is 'bout one plus one half of one hourtimes a 'way!! Yes!!
This park is in the ELORAparts of my ONTARIOplace!! 

Now truestory for reals this park is not so good for puppies. Nope. That is for reals. BUTT..... I am thinkingthoughts it is sooper'portant for the pretty little place called ELORA!! Yes!! See, ELORA is for reals pretty, plus cute, plus quaint is a whole 'nother word peoples say a lot,, plus basically a  'dorable-ish little villagetown that everybuddy loves to hang out in, plus do shoppingtimes in!! There are lots'nlots of soopercool wilderwild parks nearby too, butt this park is right in the middleparts of where everybuddy likes to go!! Yes!! Plus best part is.....
THIS PARK DID NOT USED TO BE A PARK!! Seriousface, guys!! 

Just littlewhiles a 'go, this park was a rollycar zoomerjuice station (gas station)!! I KNOW!! Butt the peoples who live in ELORA wanted somethings waymorebetter for alla the visitorpeoples to see when they came to do shoppingtimes, so they totally made it into a sooperpretty little citypark for hanging out in, plus checking out artsyfartsy sculpturestatues and stuff!! Yup!! It is all nice and green with lotsa places for resting buttparts, plus they even put in leafytrees so when you are resting your buttparts, you can get all cooled off and stuff!! Me plus Mirabelle tried them out!! They totally work, guys!! They are pretty much awesometimes!! 

This part of ELORA is sooperpopular with lotsa shoppingstores, artsyfartsy galleryhouses, a picturemoviehouse, the tourist helpingstation, a MisterRiver, a soopercool oldentimer bridge, plus all kindsa stuffs you would luvluvlove to see!! So even though this park is not for puppies, I still like it lots'nlots plus it sure helps make this part of ELORA sooperdooper pretty for your lookingmarbles!!  

Shanksh, Park!! I like your style and stuff!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ

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