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Snort Index Rating 3.0 SNORTS!!


1565 Privet PLace, 
London, Ontario, Canada

  • This park is pretty sneaky!! 
  • Most peoples do not know it is even here!!
  • Plus hardly anybuddy goes to here!! 
  • It is hiding inna shinynew neighborhood!! 
  • Plus it is soopersafe 'cuz there is only TOO skinny ways to get in and stuff!! 
  • A nice, quiet wilderpath inna meadow!! 

Hey, guys!! πŸ˜Š πŸ’œ

Did you know!!?? I am 'barrassed to say butt I have been to this park befores!! Yup!! Butt I saw so many parks, plus I had so many picturestories to keep all sorted that.....  truestory for reals I LOST THE PICTURESTORIES FROM MY FIRSTEST VISIT HERE!! I know!! That was the worstest!!  Butt... this park is sorta nice anyways, so it was no biigie to come back!! Not even!! 'Sides... this times I brought Mirabelle too, so we had lotsa fun exploadventuring and stuff!! 

Anyhoozle, this is a city-type park SORTA... butt it does not have anythings like benches for buttparts, or swingingchairs, or even pavey walkingroads and stuff!! Nope!! Basically it is justa nice chunk of place that is leftover behind some shinynew peoplehouses!! Yup!! It is a MEADOW, guys!! Just like the name says!! I dunno 'bout any CREEK like in the name though, 'cuz I did not see any wet, waterystuffs anywheres inside plus I went allaways from one end to the other!! Butt... the "meadow" part is 'zackly right!! Yes. Plus it is a nice one too. Easy for walkingtimes!! 

It is littlebits wild in there 'cuz I am thinkingthoughts hardly anybuddy goes in, butt still it is nice, plus peacefull, even!! Yup!! It is a good place for doing walkingtimes if you just wanna take it easybreezy. My favoritist part is that there are just TOO (2) skinny peoplepaths for getting in, so once you are inside, it feels real safe, plus real quiet, plus stuff like that!! Yes!! I like that!! 

Only bummer is there is almostly no shadyparts when you are on the pebbly walkingroad. Nope. So no wet, waterystuffs plus no shadybits, so 'member to not forget this park is maybe not the most awesome-ist for stinkywarm daytimes, guys. Just sayin'!! There is just a real nice, smooth pebbly walkingroad plus one teensy chunk of walkingroad made of chippybits, butt that is basically it!! Still, I kinda like how sooperquiet, plus soopersafe it feels in there!! Yup!! 

Shanksh, park!! Work on some shadybits plus that CREEK you are supposed to be close to, plus then maybe I will come back waymorelots!! Maybe!! Prolly!! Yup!! πŸ˜Š 😜 πŸ˜ƒ