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- A - 

actorate © [ak-tereyt]

aeriobirdyplane © 

allsinall © [awlz-inawl]

ballyvalling ©

benches for buttparts ©

bigbed © [big bed] 

bleeve you me ©

bloon © [bloon] 


  • a bag made of thin rubber or other light material, usually brightly coloured, inflated with air or some lighter-than-air gas and used as a children's plaything or as decoration. Most commonly referred to as a "balloon." 
"At my birthdaytimesparty there was cake, plus crinklypresents plus lotsa bloons everywheres!!"

blusterpuff ©

boopie © [boo-pee


  • any warm-blooded vertebrate of the class Aves, having a body covered with feathers, forelimbs modified into wings, scaly legs, a beak and no teeth and bearing young in a hard-shelled egg. a bird. See also chirpybird. 
  • this descriptor is most often used by Archie to describe a bird at rest or specifically one not making sounds. 
Someofthetimes I will see a boopie in the leafytrees and say "HI BOOPIE!!" just for fun!!" 

Bouncy Springtimes ©

boxalope ©

breakfastimes ©

brickeryblock ©

Brindle Justice ©

bubbly popplewrappings ©

buddypal [buhd-eepal] 


  • a very close, intimate friend; comrade, chum
"Marcel is Mirabelle's friendlyboy, butt he is my bestest buddypal too!! Yup!!" 

burlyman ©

buttparts ©

- C -

camerabox © [kam-er-uh-boks] 


  • a boxlike device designed to mechanically or digitally create a photographic image or picturestory (brindleterm).
"Marcel's Mum has a sooperfancy camerabox plus she makes the most 'mazingist picturestories in evertimes!! Yes!!"

Captain Flubberbeard © [kap-t-tin fluhb-er-beerd] 

fictional character

  • Archie's alter-ego and the lead character of his pirate adventure stories "Captain Flubberbeard's Tails of the Red Boat".
  • The characters' full name is Captain Archibald Flubberbeard the Eleventieth. He is Captain of the most famous and fastest pirate ship in the world, "The Red Boat", and leader of a colourful group of misfit pirate gentleman-puppies, all of whom live by the code "we steal stuff just for us so we can share it with everybuddy!!"  
"For The Halloweeningtimes I am totally gonna dress up like Captain Flubberbeard, guys!!"

Captain Flubberbeard's Tails of the Red Boat ©

  • a series of pirate adventure stories featuring Archie's famous alter-ego, Captain Flubberbeard and his crew of lovable misfit gentleman-pirates. Many of Archie's real-world friends appear in the adventures such as his sister Mirabelle (who appears as the fearless first mate) and Bella, Archie's first Frenchie friend who is represented as a princess that he "falls in LIKE with" in the first story.
“We are gentlemen pirates that do pirateystuff, guys! We are not 'fraidy of the Lousy King even littlebits! We sail our Red floatyboat all over the wet watery parts - but mostly near the coast because I am not a strong swimmer - plus we steal treats plus snacks that we keep just for ourselves and nobody else so that we can share them with everybuddy!” - excerpt from the first adventure of Captain Flubberbeard

chestercouch © [ches-ter-kouch] 


  • a piece of furniture for seating from two to four people, typically in the form of a bench with a  back, sometimes having an armrest at one or each end, and partly or wholly upholstered and  often fitted with springs, tailored cushions, skirts, etc.: aka "sofa", "couch", "chesterfield" (Canadian).
"Guys!! I am po0pered!! Prolly I am gonna do some leisuretimes danglenapping on the chestercouch for a whiles!! See you latertimes, K? K!!" 

chewerational facercizes ©

chirocrunchy ©

chirpybird © [chur-pee-burd] 


  • any warm-blooded vertebrate of the class Aves, having a body covered with feathers, forelimbs modified into wings, scaly legs, a beak, and no teeth, and bearing young in a hard-shelled egg. A bird. See also boopy
  • this descriptor is most often used by Archie to identify a bird that is singing/making chirping sounds. 
"Goodmorningtimes, everybuddy!! The sunsmiles are smiling plus the chirpybirds are chirping, so let's wakeywakey plus go-go-go!!" 


complicational ©

confuselled ©

cookery flowers ©

cookery room ©

cookie cakes ©

Cousin Ellie ©

cozypile © [koh-zee-pahyl] 

noun 🌟

  • a snugly, warm and comfortable assemblage of friendlypals or family members laid or lying one upon the other. 
"Nightynightimes, everybuddy!! Now is the times for going to The Dreamingplace to make a gigantical cozypile full of snugglesnorts!!"

crazybananas © [krey-zee-buh-nan-uh 'z]

adjective, interjection 🌟

  • one of Archie's most versatile and most commonly used expressions, crazybananas is largely used as a punctuation to illustrate his enthusiastic response to something seen or heard. 
  1. Adjective (wildly enthusiastic) : "When musicsounds started playing, the crowd went crazybananas!!"

  2. Adjective (crazy, deranged) : "All these noisy chirpybirds are driving me crazybananas!!"

  3. Adjective (unbelievable, unfathomable) : "Seeing a puppy that gigantical was crazybananas!!" 
  4. Interjection (an enthusiastic expression of surprise or wonder) : "Crazybananas!" 

crooked hill © [kroo k-id-hil] 

noun 🌟

  • one of a flight or series of steps for going for traversing from one level to another, as in a building.
  • Such steps collectively, especially as forming a flight or series of flights. Stairs. 
"To get to our 'roundthebackyard, me plus Mirabelle have to go down the crooked hill to the outsideplace!! Yup!!"

cukelumber ©

cyclebike © [sahy-kuh 'l-bahyk] 


  • a vehicle with two wheels in tandem, usually propelled by pedals connected to the rear wheel   by a chain, and having handlebars for steering and a saddle-like seat (aka a "bicycle").


- D -

decorational ornabits ©

dedicated man of leisure

dingus [ding-uh s] 


  • an unremarkably abrasive, fatuous, foolish, or unlikeable person. See also "goober" or "goober dingus" for especially remarkable examples. 

disastrophe © {J.D. Compton}

disavanish ©

doctoranarian ©

dollarpenny © [dol-er-pen-ee] 


  • any circulating medium of exchange, including coins, paper money, and demand deposits.
  • Archie believes there is only one currency in the world, known only as "dollarpennies". 

doop dee doop © [doop dee doop] 

verb 🌟

  • to explore while hiking any rural or wooded area while singing the nonsensical lyrics "doop dee doop dee doopity doop" (or any combination thereof) to the melody of your choice. 
  • Archie loves to explore green areas with friends, and to make certain everyone remains safe and together at all times, he had devised this method of singing aloud as a group to better keep track of everyone in his party. 
Everybuddy stay close plus 'member to sing the Doop Dee Doop song so you don't get lost, K? K!!" 


Archie Brindleton's Doop Dee Doop Troop ©

  • an exclusive club of members comprised of Archie's canine friends from all over the world. Typically any new member(s) are featured on his website in an article that includes photos of the dog(s) in some local environment, often with a significant landmark and a profile of both the dog and the "exotic" location they wish to share information about with Archie and his followers. 

the Dreamingplace © [th uh dreem-ing-pleys] 


  • Archie believes that when we go to sleep, we are all transported to another place. He has never described what The Dreamingplace looks like or what qualities it possesses, but it seems clear he finds it a very pleasant and comforting space to inhabit. It can be assumed that he believes The Dreamingplace is very much like the material world as he has talked about having adventures and taking part in even very mundane activities while being there. He believes that it is located close to/next to the RainbowBridge and RainbowValley and has stated on numerous occasions it is a simple thing to visit with deceased people and pets when in The Dreamingplace. 

drizzerable ©

Dr. Skunksly Brackish ©

- E -

eleventy © [ih-lev-uh n-tee] 

noun 🌟

  • a fictional, unspecific number often used by Archie representing almost any amount, but typically more than ten and less than one hundred. Archie does not have a very good understanding of the concepts of mathematics or counting. 
  • numerically represented by two "1"'s and a capitol "T" (eg. 11T ). 
  • also: Archie does not have a very good understanding of mathematics and will often use non-numeric symbols, letters and seemingly random words to fill in the gaps when he is counting. 

-erating (suffix) ©

everever © [ev-er-ev-er] 


  • an endless or seemingly endless period of time that is specifically greater than "forever": I will love you forever and everever. 

evertimes ©

everybuddy © [ev-ree-buhd-ee] 


  • every person. Typically employed by Archie to address his friends online.
"Hello, everybuddy"!

exploradventure © [ ik-splohr ad-ven-cher] 

noun 🌟

  • to venture, traverse or range over a previously unseen region or area for the purposes of discovery.
  • participation in exciting undertakings involving the exploration of a park or woodland space never before visited by the participant. 
"Tomorrowtimes, me plus Mirabelle are gonna exploradventure at a shinynew park!! It is gonna be awesometimes!!  😊😊😊"

eyevelope ©

- F -

faceparts ©

Fallingdowntimes ©

fancy waddlebirds ©

firepoppers ©

flappyflag ©

flappyrat © [flap-ee-rat] 


  • any of numerous flying mammals of the order Chiroptera, of worldwide distribution in tropical and temperate regions, having modified forelimbs that serve as wings and are covered with a  membranous skin extending to the hind limbs (aka a "bat").

flaptop 'puterbox ©

flaterational pancakery ©

floatyboat ©

flubber  [fluh b-er]

noun 🌟

  • the pliable, wrinkly skin and folds featured on various canine breeds such as bulldogs and Shar-Pei's. 
"I luvluvlove my flubbery flubber!! It is my most favoritist when friendlypals rub'nsquish it and stuff!! Hee hee!!"  

fluffystuff ©

flutterfly ©

footerpillar © [foo t-er pil-er] 


  • the wormlike larva of a butterfly or a moth or
  • any terrestrial or nocturnal arthropod of the class Diplopoda or Chilopoda, having a cylindrical body composed of 15 to more than 100 segments, each with two pairs of legs
  • a caterpillar, centipede or millipede or any number of multi-legged, worm-like creatures.

footsieboots ©

"for crying out Pete" © [fawr krahy-ing out peet]

interjection 🌟

  • An exclamation of emphasis, surprise, disbelief, impatience, etc.
  • Archie's unique mashing up of the phrases "for crying out loud" and "for Pete's sake" 
"Truestory there is almost a hunred (one hundred) degrees in the outsideplace this daytimes!! That is too many degrees for crying out Pete!!"

foreverhome [fawr-ev-erhohm] 


  • a permanent home for an adopted or rescued pet. A home forever. 

The Fore Seasonings ©

for reals [fawree-uh lz]



  • an expression used to punctuate a statement by way of affirmation, assertion or solemn earnestness. Used interchangeably with "truestory", "no joshing" and "seriousface" or in conjunction with any or all of those variations for greater effect.  

fraidy ©

frenchie [frenchee] 


  • a French Bulldog. One of a breed of small (22-28 pounds average), bat-eared bulldogs having a large, square head, a short or no tail, and a short, sleek coat that are made entirely out of awesome. 

Freezy Wintertimes ©

freezy winterbits ©

friendlyfriends being friendly © [frend-leefrenz bee-ing frend-lee]


  • a moment in which two or more of Archie's friends, who may not have previously met or communicated, interact with each other directly in a friendly, supportive or encouraging manner. 
  • Archie gets very excited when he sees evidence that his friends are communicating directly, especially in a manner suggesting that they genuinely care about one another. 
  • while monitoring his Facebook page, if Archie sees this type of communication between two of his friends, he will often add to the thread with the following very excited interjection: 

friendlypal © [frend-leepal] 


  • a person attached to Archie by feelings of affection or personal regard. Virtually everyone.

from the basement of my heart

from the basement of my heart
[fruhm th uh beys-muhnt uhv mahy hahrt] 

phrase 🌟

  • a statement made to illustrate that one is speaking very sincerely. 
  • Archie's unique version of the classic statement "from the bottom of my heart"
  • The meaning is "with sincere and deep feeling." Two ideas on the origin, both intuitive rather than scholarly: People often feel emotion in their chests, specifically in a place that's about where the bottom of the heart is. When thinking of the heart as the seat of emotion, people may conceive of it as a (metaphorical) container that fills up with feeling, so that "from the bottom" means the heart is filled through-and-through with love or gratitude or whatever, not just partly filled. (Think of the bottom of the inside of the heart, not the bottom of the outer surface.) The opposite kind of imagery appears in "off the top of my head," meaning that an idea is superficial. (source: phrases.org.uk)
  • NOTE: a basement is a story of a building, partly or whollyunderground; often the lowermost portion of a structure and can confuse some because it is not an architectural feature found in the homes and dwellings native to many "hot" or desert climates.
"Truestory for reals when I said I luvluvlove you guys I meant it from the basement of my heart!!
Yes!! ❤ ❤ ❤"

full-up ©

fuzzyfrog ©

- G -

Gary the Bug ©

gentleman puppy ©

get down to tacky brassparts ©

giftypresent ©

gigantical ©

goober [goo-ber] 


  • an unremarkably abrasive, fatuous, foolish, or unlikeable person. See also "dingus" or "goober dingus" for especially remarkable examples.

goober dingus © [goo-ber ding-uh s] 

noun 🌟

  • an especially abrasive, fatuous, foolish, or unlikeable person. See also "goober" or "dingus" individually for lesser examples. 
"Some chirpybird putt their chores allover Burgundy Dreams windowparts!! What a goober dingus!!" 

goodmorningtimes ©

goofballery © [goof-bahl-uh-ree] 


  • physical or boisterous play or prankish activity.

goofy in the brainmelon ©

graduleaving © [graj-oo-lee-ving]


  • to receive a degree or diploma on completing a course of study. A term representing the end of the school years and the transition into the workforce at large. Typically used to express the act of moving on from one school to another or from school into the workforce.  

grassycarpet ©

great googilymoogily © [greyt goo-gil-ee-moo-gil-ee] 

interjection 🌟

  •  a euphemistic interjection or oath, usually expressing surprise, amazement, or the like.

  • Typically followed by two exclamation marks when in print. 

"Great googilymoogily, everybuddy!! Adam from RAWCO just brought us not one, but one PLUS ONE bags of yummysummies!! YES!!" 

greeblies ©

grummymum © [gruhm-ee-muhm] 


  • the mother of one's father or mother. Also known as a "grandmother" or "grannie" among others. 

grumpypop © [gruhm-pee-pop] 


  • the father of one's father or mother. Also known as a "grandfather" or "grampa" among others. 

gymnastical thinkery © jim-nas-tik-al-thingk-uh-ree] 

noun 🌟

  • the act of contemplating by way of thoughtful observation or active, academic study.
  • an internal, philosophical dialogue full of deep consideration and/or reflection.
"Golly!! With alla the gymnastical thinkery for my ASK ARCHIE adviceybits column, my brainmelon is almost s'ploding with thinkingthoughts!!" 

 - H -

HappyFunTimes ©

HappyHappyBirthdaytimes ©

HappyHeartHugs © [hap-ee-hahrt-huhgz]

expression 🌟

  • the central conceit of Archie's belief system founded on his unconditional love for all living things, represented by the active exchange of platonic loving affection shared between people or groups, delivered as a conceptual, typically non-physical  "hug", often across great distances, in an attempt to cheer up, soothe or otherwise relieve and uplift the intended individual or group.
  • Archie believes that it is up to each of us as individuals to care for everyone and everything in our world - starting with ourselves. He believes that by freely giving and also by openly receiving -even from ourselves- his interpretation of universal love, we can live in a state of peaceful joy, physical well-being and mutual understanding. His call to action for everyone is "GIVE SOME - GET SOME - HAPPYHEARTHUGS!"
  • Always spelled with the three "H"'s capitalized when in print, and symbolized as a capitol "H" followed by a heart repeated three times as an emoticon ( eg.  H <3 H <3 H <3 ). 


HappyHeartHugsDay © - June 28

happy in my heart ©

helpful helperman ©

honestface © [on-istfeys] 


  • an expression used to punctuate a statement by way of affirmation, assertion or solemn earnestness. 

honest to golly ©

hornicorn ©

howcomeforwhy ©