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questionthoughts ©

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The RainbowBridge [th uh reyn-boh brij] 


  • the imagined structure spanning and providing passage between the living world and the afterlife. Archie believes that the RainbowBridge takes all deceased people and pets to RainbowValley where they continue to live healthy and happy lives forever and everever. 

rainbowparts © [reyn-boh pahrt s] 

noun 🌟

  • that which involves, utilizes, yields, or otherwise possesses colour.
  • the quality of an object or substance with respect to light reflected by the object, usually determined visually by measurement of hue, saturation, and brightness of the reflected light; saturation or  chroma; hue.
"I luvluvlove to make picturestories with no rainbowparts, guys!! (Black and white) They look soopercool!!"

reflectorating ©

rollyfoots © [roh-lee-foo 'tz] 


  • to skate on in-line skates (rollerblade). often used as "rollyfootsing". 

rollycar © [roh-lee-kahr] 


  • a passenger vehicle designed for operation onordinary roads and typically having four wheels  and a gasoline or diesel internal-combustion engine. aka a "car" , "auto" or "automobile". 

'roundthebackyard © [roundth uhbak-yahrd] 


  • the portion of a lot or building site behind house, structure, or the like, sometimes fenced, walled, etc.. For Archie, specifically the yard and gardens behind the Bessborough building where he lives.

rumblytruck © [ruhm-buh lee truhk] 


  • any of various forms of larger vehicles for carrying goods and materials, usually consisting of a  single self-propelled unit but also often composed of a trailer vehicle hauled by a tractor unit;  aka "truck". 

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sailingdrapes ©


sauce © [saws] 

noun 🌟

  • an overly assertive manner with regard to a person or thing; confidently aggressive or self-assured.
  • moxie + assertiveness + fearlessness = sauce
"Mirabelle is so full of sauce, there was no room left for manners!! Ha ha!! "

saucybossy ©

science ©

sciencefact / sciencefactally ©

scribblybits ©

seriousface © [seer-ee-uh s feys] 

interjection 🌟

  • an expression used to punctuate a statement by way of affirmation, assertion or solemn earnestness.
  • used interchangeably with "for reals", "no joshing" and "truestory" or in conjunction with any or all of those variations for greater effect. 
Guys!! Guys!! One day I am gonna get my driverman license, plus trade my dollarpennies for a shinynew Pirate Red rollycar!! Seriousface!!" 

shinynew © [shahy-nee noo]

noun 🌟

  • brand new; of a kind now existing or appearing for the first time; novel.
  • of recent origin, production, purchase, etc.; having but lately come or been brought into being.
Me plus Mirabelle are going to a puppy festival to make big piles of shinynew inthesameplacefriends!! Hee hee!! It is gonna be 'MAZING!!" 

shrubadubs ©

sickybicky ©

skitterbugs ©

skysparkler © [skahy-spahr-kler] 


  • a brilliant electric spark discharge in the atmosphere, occurring within a thundercloud, between clouds, or between a cloud and the ground (aka lightning).

sleepy in the brainmelon ©

sleepytree ©

slippyhill ©

slumberbarn ©

slumberyard ©

smellerator ©

sneaky ninjaman ©

snugglesnort © [snuhg-uh l-snawrt] 

verb 🌟

  • to lie or press closely; to nestle or cuddle as for comfort or from affection while simultaneously forcing the breath through the nostrils with a loud, contented sound. 
  • a distinct characteristic that French Bulldogs and other flat-faced breeds are famous for; the healing and soothing properties of their affectionate snorting sounds cannot be adequately measured. 
"Guys!! Guys!! Let's all make a gigantical cozypile for snugglesnorting, K? K!!"


sooper [soo-per] 


  • very good; first-rate; excellent (alt. super). 

sooperdeedooper © [soo-per-dee-dooper] 


  • very impressive; much more-so than merely "sooper". 

sooperfirehot ©

sparklystones ©

squishelsmush ©

steerywheel ©

Steve the Deer © [steev th uh deer] 

noun 🌟

  • the longest-running recurring character referred to in Archie's stories and social media posts. Archie believes this is an actual deer that he has seen glimpses of while exploring the wooded areas surrounding London, Ontario, Canada.
  • Archie greatly admires Steve's ability to hide and play the "Hidey-Go-Seek" game. Because Steve is so elusive and difficult to find, Archie believes that he is a ninja, and despite never finding Steve when he sets out to, Archie is certain they are good friends and that one day they will also be inthesameplacefriends that will share many HappyFunTimes. 
  • As of June, 2015, Archie has come face-to-face with deer he believed to be Steve twice, and has also seen a glimpse of a female deer he believes to be Steve's girlfriend whom he refers to as "Jasmine". By fall of 2015 Archie met a young male deer face-to-face that he believes is Steve's nephew, "Vince". 
"Steve the Deer is the best at hiding, butt one day I will find him plus then we will have big piles of bellychuckles!! Hee hee!!" 

stinky rollings ©

Stinky Summertimes ©

stinkywarm ©

smiley summertimes ©

sunface ©

sunhead ©

sunsmile © [suhn-smahyl] 

noun 🌟

  • the shining of the sun or direct light of the sun, aka "sunlight" or reference to the suns rays. 
  • sunsmiles also refer to the bright and cheerful, warming energy of the sun's rays. 
  • Archie sees the suns rays (especially during goodmorningtimes when they first appear) as a smile from the face of the sun that warms the body and heart with a universal, nurturing love. 
"Goodmorningtimes, everybuddy!! The sunsmiles are smiling plus the chirpybirds are chirping so now is the times to get all wakeywakey, K? K!!"


surgerystichery ©

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the ta-da game ©

teefs ©

thinkingthoughts ©

thunderboomer [thuhn-der-boo-mer] 


  • a loud, explosive, resounding noise produced by the explosive expansion of air heated by a lightning discharge (aka "thunder" or "thunderclap"). 

tickletyping ©

-times (suffix)

tinseltin ©

travelbasket ©

traveltripping ©

treecycling ©

treefoot  ©

trobblin ©

truestory [troo-stohr-ee] interjection

  • an expression used to punctuate a statement by way of affirmation, assertion or solemn earnestness. Used interchangeably with "for reals", "no joshing" and "seriousface" or in conjunction with any or all of those variations for greater effect. 

truestory for reals no joshing seriousface ©

[troo-stohr-ee fawree-uh lz noh josh-ing seer-ee-uh s feys] 

interjection 🌟

  • the ultimate expression used to punctuate a statement by way of affirmation, assertion or solemn earnestness. A variation of the statement "it's true!" 
"Guys!! Guys!! Truestory for reals no joshing seriousface when we left Meadowlilly Woods two junior deerpeoples ran right longside our rollycar, Burgundy Dreams!! It was 'MAZING!!" 

trunkophant © [truhngkoh-fant]

noun (pl-phants, -phant 🌟

  • either of the two proboscidean mammals of the family Elephantidae.The African elephant (Loxodonta africana) is the larger species,with large flapping ears and a less humped back than the Indianelephant (Elephas maximus), of S and SE Asia.
  • an elephant.
"We just went to the St.Thomasplace to see the Jumbo memorystatue, guys!! It was 'MAZING!! He was soopergigantical and everything!!"


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UFObeds ©

undercarriage ©

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wakeywakey eggs'nbakey © [weyk-kee weyk-kee egz n bey-kee]

expression 🌟

  • the emphatic and firm, yet cheerful demand from one to another to rouse from sleep and begin whichever morning rituals are the norm. 
"Goodmorningtimes, everybuddy!! Wakeywakey eggs'nbakey!!" 

the wakingplace ©

walkingsocks © [waw-king soks] 

noun 🌟 

  • footwear specifically designed for protecting the feet and ankles during outdoor walking activities such as hiking.
  • constructed to provide comfort for walking considerable distance over rough terrain.
"Put on your walkingsocks, everybuddy!! Now is the times for Doop Dee Doop Exploradventuring!! Yup!!" 

walkingroad © [waw-king rohd] 


  • a narrow, artificial  walk or way or any way beaten, formed, or trodden by the feet of persons or animals

waymorebetter © [weymohr bet-er]

adjective 🌟

  • comparative to sooper with maximum mostest as its superlative.
  • of superior quality or excellence.
  • of superior suitability, advisability, desirability, acceptableness, etc.; preferable.
"I send a HappyHeart letterlope to my friendlypal so he would feel waymorebetter soopersoon!! Yes!! 


WeatherWizard ©

whammokablammo ©

wilderwild © [wil-der wahyld] 

noun 🌟

  • a wild, uninhabited, and uncultivated region
  • a wild and uncultivated region, as of forest or grasslands, undeveloped and uninhabited or inhabited only by The NatureMama and her babies (nature and wild animals) 
"Yesterdaytimes me plus Mirabelle exploradventured in a shinynew park that was all wilderwild, guys!! Yup!! There wasn't even any walkingroads or anythings!!" 

windowpot ©

wintercloset © [win-ter-kloz-it] 

noun 🌟

  • a box, room, or cabinet in which food, drink, etc., are kept cool by means of ice or mechanical refrigeration (aka a "refrigerator", "fridge", "freezer" or "icebox"). 
"After Adam from RAWCO brings us our sooperspecial raw yummysummies, Mum puts it right in the wintercloset so I don't put it all in my belly!! Ha ha!!

whattaya gonna doop? ©

wishowish © [wish-oh-wish] verb

  • to want; desire; long for (usually followed by an infinitive or a clause): I wishowish we were inthesameplacefriends.

wonderthunk © [wuhn-der thuhngk]


  • to speculate curiously or be curious about; be curious to know: to wonder what has happened or if something may happen. 

wooden hill © [woo d-n hil] 

noun 🌟

  • a low table, usually placed in front of a chestercouch, for holding ashtrays, snack bowls, glasses, magazines, cups of zoomersjuice. More commonly referred to as a coffee table
  • (Archie) An artificial hill for sleeping under, jumping on top of for observational purposes, and for resting upon (esp. danglenapping).
  • if made from materials such as metal and/or glass, may be referred to as "the iron hill" or "the window hill".  
" In the morningtimes I like to jump on the wooden hill so my lookingmarbles can see what is going on in our 'partmenthouse real good!!" 

wordybits © [wur-dee-bitz]


  • printed lettering; written communication, especially with reference to character, style, or size. Language in print. 

wordysign ©

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yellaphone ©

yummysummies ©

yodelbarn © [yohd-l bahrn]

noun 🌟

"Lotsa my peoplefriends like to go to yodelbarns for jumping up and down with musicsounds!! I want to go for HappyFunTimes goofballery butt it is mostly after my nightynightimes when they go!! Truestory!!" 

yummysummies © [yuhm-ee-suhm-eez] 


  • the delicious raw food typically delivered to Archie and Mirabelle by RAWCO Pet Food,  served and eaten at one of the customary, regular occasions for taking food during the day such as breakfast ("breakfastimes") or dinner ("dinnertimes").

- Z -

zackly! ©

zigzaggery © [zig-zag-uh-ree] 


  • to make or follow a sharply winding course, typically at great speed. Often employed during "zoomers goofballery". 

zoomers [zoo-mers] 


  • to race or move so fast as to be beyond control, especially for a short distance.

zoomers goofballery © [zoo-mers bahl-uh-ree] 


  • whimsical and overly animated play performed while moving at great speed, typically beyond control.