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Archie and his Fire Safety Partner, Firefighter Jason Poole! 

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"Archie, I need to be in two places at once, and when I can't it hurts my heart."

originally posted on May 05, 2014

Aw Margotstothers, don't have a hurty heart! I have a thinkingthought just for you! Maybe just ask yourself "Self, what would be the BESTEST place for just only ME right in the nowtimes?" Then go to that place!! Yup!! Soopersimple!! Plus nobuddy can be in two whole, entire places at one times! Not even the Sooperdeedooperman! Nope!

Don't try to do anymores than a regular person can, K? I know you have a big, sooper'mazing heart in you plus you always try your bestest, amirite? And believe you me your best is plenty good for reals! Don't forget that part! Just don't eveerever forget to take care of you FIRSTEST. Yes. 'Cuz if you are not healthy plus Happy plus AOK, you will not be able to take care of other peoples anyhoozle, amirite!!?? Prolly!!

So take some HappyFunTimes just for Margotstothers plus only do something that YOU love to do that will put big piles of happy back in your heart!! Then maybe tomorrowtimes, try a 'nothertimes plus ask that questionthought: "What would be the BESTEST place for ME, Margotstothers right in the nowtimes?" See what happens! Pretend you are a sooperdooper archeryman like Robinthehood. Yes!! He is the bestest archerman in allatimes and even he can only hit one bullseye atta times, right? Right! See? Now you try!

HappyHeartHugs for you Margostothers! You are my friend, so take care of you first, plus everything else second! That is my bestest advice for you! Shanksh for writing to me!! :) :) :) 

"Thinkingthoughts 'Bout My Mum"

"Dew yew ever sneak sum snackz inna backyard frum whut the sneaky critterz leave behind? I dew it and then, I gitz a tummyache weal bad."