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"Thinkingthoughts 'Bout My Mum"

originally posted on May 11, 2014

Guys... 'Cuz it's Mum's Day and stuff, I was having some thinkingthoughts from my brainmelon 'bout my Mum... and even alla the other Mums in everywhere's and how special and pretty and magicalish they are for reals and... it really started punching me in the emotions. Yes. 

There are eleventy bazillion beautifulish things on our marbleworld, guys. Truestory. Like way lots even. Sparklystars at the nightimes. Puffyclouds in the daytimes. The times when Sunface wakes up, or when Moonface comes in real close to say "HI". Plus there are pretty posies plus shinygreen grassycarpets plus sooperbig, treepeoples that wiggle real slow from blusterpuffs with their leafybits in majillions of differenter rainbowparts, plus the sunsmiles plus flutterflies plus rainingdrops making musicsounds on the top of our foreverhome. So many sooperbeatifulish, amay-za-zing stuffs in our whole entire livingtimes that prolly we can't even count how many!

But guys... we only have one Mum. Plus she is more beautifuler plus shinyperfect plus waymorewarmer than sunsmiles plus snuggly and the bestest person in evertimes and just looking at her face makes my heartpump jump around like crazybananas and my butt area wigglewaggle and I can't even help it and it's because I know that she is my only Mum! Only one, guys! She is my Mum! That's why thinkingthoughts about Mums punches me in the emotions. My heart is 'sploding with HappyHappy Forever and everever Lovings for my one and onlytimes MUM!

I LUV YOU MUM! Forever and everever for reals!

Plus a big, snorty buttwiggly HAPPY MUM'S DAY to alla the other Mum's who are my FayBo friendlypals and even alla the other ones I don't even know! We luvluvlove you 'cuz you practically n'vented LOVE, amirite!!?? Prolly!! You n'vented LOVE, GUYS! So SHANKSH to alla the Mums! For everything and everything and everything! :) :) :) 

"Hi Archie, we just adopted this little girl. She is 4 years old and afraid to go to the outside place. Do you know how we can make her feel safe and not afraid?"

"Archie, I need to be in two places at once, and when I can't it hurts my heart."