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Park Review #253

Dan Patterson Conservation Area 

44104 Ferguson Line,
St. Thomas, Ontario


  • nature trail! 
  • sooper oldentimer wood cabin!
  • creepy monkeyclimber! 
  • parking rodeo for rollycars
  • picnic area
  • puppy playground next door!

This park is a for reals big country park with lotsa place innit plus it has leafytrees plus shurubbadubs plus a whole lotta other stuffs The NatureMama would luvluvlove!! Yup!! It is 'bout half of one hourtimes from where we live on the way to the St. Thomasplace!! Fact is, this place is called a CONSERVATION AREA guys, so it is alla 'bout giving The NatureMama plus alla her babies lotsa lovings!! I like that!! There is even a sooperspecial ONE MILLIONTH TREE with a fancy wordyrock to tell everybuddy 'bout it!! That is LOTSA trees, guys!! The NatureMama would prolly luvluvlove that too!! 

Anyhoozle, first things you will see with your lookingmarbles is a sooper oldentimer cabinhouse!! Yes!! It is made out of sticks, guys!! Plus it was made in the 1836times!! I know!! That is even waymoreolder than my Pop!! Ha ha!! Then there is a big 'ol spinny windmill plus other neato oldentimer stuff too!! Past that is a sorta playground spot for juniorpeoples with prolly the most creepiest monkeyclimber I have seen in evertimes, guys!! I am not even joshing!! It wouldn't stop staring at me plus Mirabelle!! Then there is a 'nother little house with no walls with lotsa place for picnicking and stuff and even a whole gigantical field of grassycarpet too!! That was where the puppy festival was, guys!!

Way in the backparts is the Nature Trail part, which I was sooper'cited 'bout!! Butt guys, it is not as awesometimes as I was hoping!! Nope. Basically you walk for a ways through the leafytrees - which is real pretty - then there is a big open part called a clearing and in there you can walk allaways a 'round the clearingparts on a squishy trail that was sorta mucky and stuff!! Pop's shoes looked real gross when we were all done, just so's you know!! Plus there was looking spots that you could climb up on too look a 'round, butt they are not real tall, plus there is nothing real 'mazing to look at like gigantical robots or anythings, so no biggie. Anyhoozle, 'cuz it is sorta wet and mushy back there, you gotta watch out for SKITTERBUGS!! Great gogilymoogily they were bad, guys!! I am not even joshing!! If you are not real careful, they will prolly shove you 'round plus take your lunch money!! 

'Nother thing to 'member is that right nextdoors is a soopercool puppy playground for puppies to play OFF LEAD, guys!! I was sooper impressed with this puppy playground plus me, plus Mirabelle plus Marcel all had HappyFunTimes there!! Yup!! Butt that is a whole 'nother review!! 

This was a soopercool park that would be perfectal for 'mazing exploradventures or even romantical picnicking too!! Yup!! Shanksh park!! 

The end. 

Sardines, Rolling in Stinkystuff, plus Naming your Rollycar!!