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Sardines, Rolling in Stinkystuff, plus Naming your Rollycar!!

Hi Archie! Why do puppies, even gentleman puppies like yourself, like to roll in smelly stuff? Our Katie found a dead fish once when we went exploreadventuring & rolled in it so many times 3 consecutive baths did not help. Why do you puppies do that?!

Dawn from Butler, Pennsyvania, USA

sent from an email August, 21, 2015

HI DAWN!! Golly shanksh for asking such a 'mazing questionthought!! Yes!! 

Truestory for reals nobuddy knows 'zackly for reals just why puppies luvluvlove to roll in the stinkystuff. Butt I am gonna tell you anyways!! Basically there are two whole entire reasons: 

  1. First is that 'cuz puppies are carnivores - which means we luvluvlove to eat meatybits - this is to hide our scent from things we may want to chase to put in our bellies!! Yup!! Just like our wolf plus coyote plus foxy cousins do!! They roll a 'round in sooperstinky stuffs so the bunnies and such can't even smell them coming!! 'Course it is crazybananas to think a Frenchie like me would try to hunt for bunnies - mostly 'cuz I am a snuggler, not a fighter - butt that doesn't mean we don't still have those same INSTINCTUAL thinkingthoughts that our cousins who live in the wilderwild do! Yup!! Plus also...
  2. It is also sooperfun for puppies to roll in our most favoristist stinkystuff so we can show off our "prized possessions" to our peoplefriends plus alla our puppypals too!! Truestory!! It is like wearing designer clothing or sooper'spensive perfume when you go to parties!! Other puppies will say "Golly!! Archie stinks like the worst thing in evertimes!! He must be very successful with lotsa dollarpennies and stuff!!" I am not even joshing that is what happens!! 

So that is why puppies like to roll in the most stinkiest stuff they can find!! Either they ae trying to hide, or they are trying to stand out!! Pretty funny, amirite!!?? Ha ha!! 

Shanksh for writing to me, Dawn!! You are the bestest!! :) :) :) 

Hi Archie! We have a two door 2013 white Jeep Wrangler with a removable hardtop. I think it makes my Mom sad that our rollycar has no name. Can you help us with thinkingthoughts from your brainmelon? 

Abbey Von Rumplestein
(plus mouse, plus Jiggs too!) 

edited from an email sent August 17, 2015


This is gonna be sooperfun!! Yes!! Okee doke!! I am thinkingthoughts I can help your Mum out soopergood 'cuz having a rollycar with no name is the WORSTEST!! Golly!! I mean how will you know what to call him if he gets lost in the big parking rodeo at the shoppingstores, amirite!!?? 

Okeedoke!! I have done big piles of science research, plus then had a snack to help with my gymnastical thinkery, so I HAVE DECIDED!! ....

left to right:  Abbey Von Rumplestein, Jiggs, Mouse

left to right: 
Abbey Von Rumplestein, Jiggs, Mouse

Your rollycar's name is...




Sure hope you like it and stuff!! Shanksh for writing plus shanksh for sharing your picturestory too!! :) :) :) 

Hi Archie!!

You said (once) to get sardines in water. Do you have to debone the sardines? Cook them? As you can see, I know nothing about sardines! How many can (my Annie) have at one time? She weighs about 16 pounds. 

Mary Nordmeyer

originally posted to facebook in 2014 in a thread exploring how to put weight on her dog, Annie. 

HI MARYNORDEMEYER!! You are trying sooperhard to get your Annie all fattened up and stuff!!?? Do you think she is sooperskinny for reals? 'Course getting all pudgy is neverever good for puppies, so I am just trying to know what your goals are for Annie and her body weight and stuff!! Yes!! 

Truestory if Annie is a good shape plus looks like puppies of her breed in picturebooks (so not so skinny with rib parts sticking out too much or sooper pudgy with lotsa extra flubber where there is not supposed to be any) , then prolly she is AOK!! 

Just so's you know, a sooperbasic guide for using just your lookingmarbles to figure out if your puppy is AOK goes something like this: 

  1. Ribs are easy to touch and feel; not covered with flubber so you can't see them, butt also they don't stick way out with skin stretched tight over them. 
  2. Waist is easy to see when you are standing over top of the puppy. So puppy is smaller in the middeparts between shoulders and hips, just in front of hips.
  3. The abdominal "tuck"!! This should be easy to see from the side. Yes. That means the abdomen or bellyparts should "tuck up" and be skinniest just in front of the hips.

Bellies are not ever good. Even real flubbery puppies like me should get skinner in front of the hips. Sciencefacts say that puppies who are overweight live 1.8 years LESS than puppies who are ideal weight for their breed!! That is almost 14 years in puppy years, guys!! I am not even joshing!! 

Now alla 'bout sardines. Yes. They come in little tins sometimes with water, sometimes with oil, sometimes with crazybananas stuff like tomato sauce even!! For puppies, the ones in water are best. Plus I like to get them in BPA-FREE tins so me plus Mirabelle don't get metallybits in our bellies!! They come already DE-BONED, so you don't have to have worrythoughts 'bout that, plus it is soopersafe plus sooperyummy to give one with every mealtimes!! Yup!! Alls that is real 'portant is to keep an eye on Annie so you know she still "looks" good, plus when you go see your doctoranarian, or talk with breeders or other peoples who know the breed real good, ask what they think!! 

Shanksh for writing plus I am hoping that is helpful helperman adviceybits just for you!! :) :) :) 

Shanksh, everybuddy!! If you have questionthoughts in your brainmelon or need helpful helperman adviceybits, just write to me, Archie Brindleton at!!