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Park Review #359

Snort Index Rating: 3.0 SNORTS!!

Westminster Ponds - South East - Pond Mills ESA

224 Worthington Avenue, 
London, Ontario


  • walking road! 
  • boardwalk!! That is a walkingroad made of sticks, guys
  • skitterbugs!
  • swampybits
  • pretty for your lookingmarbles! 
  • butt watch out for the skitterbugs!! 

Hi guys!! I had so much sooperfun at the other park called Westminster Ponds - SOUTH - Pond Mills ESA, that I was pretty sure this one would be just as awesometimes!! Yup!! Butt know what? NOT EVEN!! 

Sure it is kinda pretty, plus I luvluvlove boardwalk walkingroads much as the next gentleman puppy, but great googilymoogily the skitterbugs in here were sooperbad!! They were trying to take our lunch money, guys!! I am almsot seriousface when I say that!! Yes!! So if you want a nice pretty, romantical walkingtimes, this place is pretty good. BUTT... if it is in the stinkywarm summertimes,  just make sure you basically take a bath in skitterbug spray befores you get here!! Yes!! 

Anyhoozle, it is pretty though, so there is that. Yes. Butt enuff with the skitterbugs, park!! For reals!! 

The end.