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Park Review #366

Snort Index Rating: 5.0 SNORTS!!

Naomee Park

571 Santa-Monica Road, 
London, Ontario


  • sooperpretty nature trail
  • lots'nlots of special shrubadubs
  • sorta secret 'cuz no wordysigns!!
  • next to SIFTON BOG, for lotsmore trails!
  • lots'nlots of shadybits
  • just don't drink the waterybits  'cuz SWAMP! 

This park is pretty sweet, guys!! Yes!! Plus it is sooperfull of the most 'mazing-ist greenery in prolly evertimes!! Prollem is, nobuddy even knows it is there, 'cuz alla the wordysigns that this park has are for a totally differenter park!! I know!! That is not even fair!! Butt truestory, this park is right nextdoor to one of our most famous-type parks in all of my London, Ontario called SIFTON BOG. Yes. It has lotsa sooper rare kinds of shrubadubs plus chirpybirds plus stuff like that, so it gets alla the attention!! 

You can see in the mappybits below that it is not even small!! It is pretty big, guys, butt I am not even joshing you alla the wordysigns 'round this park say SIFTON BOG. Yup. Plus that is not right!! This is NAOMEE PARK just like what the mappybits say!! 

Anyhoozle, there is a great place for parking your rollycar right at the south end of Santa-Monica Road. That is where I would start. Just don't get confuselled 'cuz that silly wordysign will say SIFTON BOG, even though it isn't!! Nope!! 

Once you are inside, it is nice and pretty plus there is lots of shadybits!! I liked that 'cuz when we went, it was stinkywarm in the outsideplace, so shadybits helps lots. 'Nother thing to 'member is that this park is next to a bog, plus that is basically a swamp, plus that means skitterbugs, guys!! Yup!! Someofthetimes LOTS of skitterbugs. So brings skitterbug spray!! Also 'cuz it is swampy, DON'T DRINK THE WATERYPARTS!! Not even!! Bring some wet, watery drinks for everybuddy - specially puppies - 'cuz drinking the soopergreenstuff will prolly make them sickybicky. 

Basically after that, the walkingroads are real nice, plus full of rollyhills plus gigantical leafytrees, plus sooperneato shrubadubs plus stuff like that. I am thinkingthoughts it would make for nice, romantical walkingtimes, so take your special friendlypal there just for holding hands and stuff guys!! Prolly they will luvluvlove it!! 

Only thing stopping me from giving this park 5 SNORTS is the goopygreen wateryparts!! Other than that, I liked it sooperlots!! Shanksh, park!! 

The end.