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Park Review #369

Snort Index Rating: 3.0 SNORTS!!

Stanhope Park

43 Shaftesbury Avenue, 
London, Ontario


  • only one way in (secure) !!
  • good fence-y bits allaways a 'round! 
  • lotsa open space for zoomers! 
  • not so much shade though! 
  • next to a learningschool, so careful 'bout the juniorpeoples!! 

Hey, guys!! Truestory for reals there is not so much goings on at this park, butt.... it is not so bad anyways!! Yes!! 

First of alls it is a pretty normaltimes citypark, butt with no walkingroads or monkeyclimber or swingychairs or anythings like that! Nope!! Just lotsa grassycarpet!! There is not even any shadybits 'cept for 'round the outsideparts, guys, so if it is sooperwarm, 'member that!! Plus it is right nextdoor to a learningschool for juniorpeoples, so careful 'bout doing zoomers if juniorpeoples are allover everywheres, K? K!! 

Anyhoozle.... so basically it is just a squarish chunk of place covered in grassycarpet!! So that is pretty fun for zoomers goofballery!! Yes!! Plus there is fence-ybits allaways 'round the outsideparts 'cept for in one corner where you can get in!! There is one open part to the learningschool, plus a 'nother open part with a walkingroad that goes to the rollycar roads!! They are right side-by-each, so that is soopergood I am thinkingthoughts, 'cuz there is basically only one way in and stuff, plus rollycars can't get close at all!! Nice!! 

So this is not the most 'citing park in evertimes, BUTT... it's pretty AOK for zoomers goofballery!! Shanksh, park!! 

The end.