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Park Review #370

Snort Index Rating: 2.5 SNORTS!!

Westbury Park

3350 Singleton Avenue, 
London, Ontario


  • Pretty neato monkeyclimber!!
  • Swinging chairs! 
  • a whole bunch of pavey walkingroads!
  • benches for buttparts! 
  • not fenced in!
  • close to rollycar roads! 

Hey, guys!! Did you know!!?? Me plus Pop have been watching this shinynew park growing for sooperlongtimes!! Yup!! It is still soopershinynew though, so it does not even show up on some picturemaps yet!! Truestory!! 'Course, soon as we saw the wordysign go up, we knew it was ready to be a park, so that is when we came to do some exploradventuring plus my review!! So here it is!! Now I will start my review!! Right now even!!

OK!! First of alls, there are some sooperfun stuffs here, plus there is also some soopersnoring stuffs here too. Yes. It is sorta in the middle like my snort index rating says. 

For the good stuffs, it is pretty big!! Yup!! For a citypark, anyways!! Plus there are losta twisty-turny walkingroads even peoples in wheeliechairs can go on. That is awesometimes. Alla the benchparts are shinynew plus there are a bunch of them!! That is soopergood too!! Plus the spot for juniorpeoples goofballery is pretty good!! There is a neato monkeyclimber with swingingchairs plus sandyparts, so I am thinkingthoughts the juniorpeoples will prolly like it!! Prolly!! BUTT...

There is almost no leafytrees. Plus it mostly looks real empty and stuff PLUS it is all open right next to rollycar roads, so this is not a park for zoomers goofballery. Nope!! Safetystrings on at this park allatimes, guys!! YUP!! 

Anyhoozle, it is alwaystimes nice to see a shinynew park pop up in my city where I live. This one is not so awesometimes yet, butt maybe it is not even done and stuff!! Maybe they will put in a FLUME RIDE!! Maybe!! I will come back latertimes to find out!! Yes!! Shanksh, park!! 

The end.