GUYS!! GUYS!! There is lotsa rainingdrops in the outsideplace this daytimes, butt that is no biggie 'cuz me plus Mirabelle are still having gigantical piles of HappyFunTimes!! YUP!! That is 'cuz her doctoranarians say she can do littlebits of goofballery plus bestiewrestling a 'gain!! Check it out with your very own lookingmarbles and stuff!!
You will see!! 😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️

KIRBY DAQUANO (2006 - 2019)

*RainbowValley Memorial* 

Hey, my friendlyfriends. It is times for a 'nother puppypal memorial. Yup. This one is full-up with ouchies ‘cuz we got to be inthesameplacefriends with Kirby lotsatimes. Sure did. So it would mean lots'nlots for me, if you could readerate this one, plus leave some nice wordybits for his familypack too, K? K. For the nowabouts, let's 'member my bestest buddypal, ... KIRBY DAQUANO...


Hey, guys!! Me plus Mirabelly are just having some soopercomfy cozytimes ‘cuz if you did not know, cozytimes are real good for healerating and stuff!! YUP!! So ‘fore the weekendtimes get all starterated and everythings, skootch on in for some HappyHeartHugs, ‘cuz wanna know why!!?? ‘CUZ WE LUVLUVLOVE YOU GUYS!! H❤️H❤️H❤️


Just a sooperfast storytimes ‘fore we go-go-go to start our weekendtimes, K? K!! Me plus Mirabelly plus Mum plus Pop sure luvluvloved sharing our weektimes with you!! Sure did!! Plus now is when I wanna share a 'nother sooperfun picturemovie of our 'MAZING MIRABELLY getting waymorebetter!! YOU WILL SEE!!😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️


“TOPPEST PART OF THE MORNINGTIMES TO YOU, EVERYBUDDY”!! The Bouncy Springtimes are here, sunsmiles are allover everywheres, plus even chirpybirds are making lotsa musicsounds and stuff!! YUP!! Butt bestest of alls, our Mirabelly is getting big piles of special snugglings from her POP!! Skootch on in for a looksee, K? K!! 😊❤️😊❤️😊❤️