If you know a puppy that has gone over the Rainbow Bridge recently and would like them to be featured in a Rainbow Valley Memorial, email the following information to Archie at mrbrindleton@gmail.com

  • 1 to 5 photos of the puppy.
  • a profile of the puppy including full name, breed, age, date of Birth, city, state/province/country etc.
  • some information on how/why the puppy passed and when. (this will never be the focus, however).  
  • a few stories of your favourite memories, the first day together, the puppies likes and dislikes etc. 
  • send whatever information you can. Archie will use it to write his memorial, so the more the better. 

H ❤ H ❤ H ❤ HappyHeartHugs to everybuddy who has lost a puppypal. H ❤ H ❤ H ❤